We would like to thank you for all of the support and prayers during this difficult time. Your donations, prayers, cards, and well wishes have been a great blessing to our church staff. We love you!

Our church has been blessed during these times of Pause! In March and April, two of our members – Dorothy Degnan and Jenny Taylor – celebrated their 99th birthdays.  These wonderful ladies received beautiful cards from our church members and were over-joyed with the generosity of our church family.

Our members continue to give sacrificially.  We have received more on-line offerings than ever before and these offerings are coming from all around the United States. These gifts are helping maintain our church ministries and allowing us to continue to provide virtual worship services.

Our online presence has increased dramatically.  Our social media accounts have reached more people with the saving message of Jesus Christ!

Every day we minister to people on our Facebook Page, on Instagram, on Twitter, and now on TikTok. If you use any of these platforms, we would encourage to search for us and like us or subscribe.

We can be found on Facebook at: Facebook.com/lockportjesus

We can be found on Instagram at: @firstpresbyterianlockport

We can be found on TikTok at: @lockportjesus

We can be found on Twitter at: @Lockport1stpres

You can also find daily videos on our YouTube Channel.  Please subscribe to our Channel to find inspiring content.

We are a creative church that is doing everything that we can to reach out to the community and to inspire our members with messages of hope!


Pastor Jim