Tiffany Windows

We are an active church with many activities taking place during the week, including a very busy daycare center and worship services, concerts, worship rehearsals, weddings, and memorial services.  Therefore, in order to assure that you will be able to witness the beauty and grandeur of our windows, we ask that you follow these simple courtesies:

Pre-scheduled tours are available by calling 716.433.5905 or emailing the pastor at  Group Tours require a minimum of 6 or more people. Donations are gratefully appreciated.

We are sorry but we cannot accommodate walk-ins, accept during select times during summer months, but it always better to contact the church first before coming to make sure there are no activities taking place.  All group tours must be pre-scheduled so that we have a docent available to assist you.


Tiffany Windows tours take place year round.  Window tours are not available on Saturdays. You are welcome to attend our worship services and take a self-guided tour after the worship service has concluded! Worship services take place at 8:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., except in July and August when they take place at 9:30 a.m.

Photo Credit: Andrea Rongo

Tiffany Windows

We are fortunate to have six windows that are original Tiffany windows, made by the Tiffany Company, plus six windows made of Tiffany glass. Tiffany used unusual construction techniques and effects that produced stunning results. These included: cutting the glass first, then cutting the leading; use of strong colors; layering colored glass over another colored glass; application of color in streaks or dry-brushing the color on the surface; pulling and pushing glass while it cools to produce a Drapery Glass. These techniques and effects are well represented in the wonderful windows, treasured at First Presbyterian Church.


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