The purpose of our membership process is to help every individual who desires to be a member of First Presbyterian Church have a firm faith commitment to Jesus Christ, to grow in their relationship with Jesus, to develop meaningful relationships with other members, and to find a fulfilling place of service and ministry.

Members of the church have the privilege of participating fully in the life of the church.  They can hold offices, like Elder and Deacon; they can request to have their child or a family or friend’s child baptized; they can vote on important matters at congregational meetings; and they can request to have their wedding officiated at the church and receive reduced rates.

Those seeking membership in the church should be mindful of the following instructions:

  • Contact the Office Manager of the Church to receive a Membership information Form (Or download the pdf here).

  • Return the Membership Information Form to the Church Office Manager.

  • Meet with the Pastor in his office to answer any questions that you may have about the church, its ministries, its theology, or how it is organized.

  • The membership request is then received and approved by the Session of the Church (Board of Elders).

  • There is a public reception during Sunday morning worship.


After you are received into membership, you will receive a “Estimation of Giving Card” and Offering Envelopes, so you can begin your journey as a faithful giver to Jesus Christ.

Members are encouraged to be active in the life of the church, as we have a lot of opportunities to volunteer and participate.

We also encourage new members to attend the Adult Forum, which is led by the Pastor of the church.  The Adult Forum is an important way to learn more about the church and gain a better understanding of the church’s theology and practices.

If you would like to learn more about the church or become a member, please contact the pastor at 716-433-5905.