The purpose of our membership process is to help every individual who desires to be a member of First Presbyterian Church have a firm faith commitment to Jesus Christ, to grow in their relationship with Jesus, to develop meaningful relationships with other members, and to find a fulfilling place of service and ministry.

Those seeking membership will be asked to take the following steps:

  • Contact the Office Manager of the Church to receive a Membership information Form (Or download the pdf here).

  • Return the Membership Information Form to the Church Office Manager.

  • Meet with the Pastor in his office.

  • Membership request is received and approved by the Session of the Church (Board of Elders).

  • Public reception during Sunday morning worship.

After you are received into membership, you will receive a “Estimation of Giving Card” and Offering Envelopes, so you can begin your journey as a faithful giver to Jesus Christ.  You will also able to vote in our membership meetings and participate as a Officer of the Church (six months after joining the church).  Members are encouraged to be active in the life of the church, as we have a lot of opportunities to volunteer and participate.