Our church provides a place for seekers, believers, non-believers, searchers, the broken, the questioning, the interested, and those simply seeking community to learn more about God’s grace.  We are a friendly and generally open community that strives to serve the community and follow the example of Jesus. We are not perfect, but acknowledge our imperfections and strive to become more Christ-like. We have a laid back atmosphere, so come as you are.

We are not a mega-church.  In fact, our sanctuary is very traditional, with stunning stained glass windows (many that depict angels which gives worshippers the feeling that they are in the company of angels whenever they enter the sanctuary) and a more formal, elegant lay out which has become a popular venue for weddings, often catering to individuals from less traditional churches who want to be married in an inspiring setting.  Our worship services vary from very traditional services with organ led hymns, choral anthems, and hand bell choirs to more contemporary services, with youth and young adults leading the entire service and more contemporary music offerings and protections using one of our HD quality projectors or large screen televisions.

We also do not segregate our children into special church services, but engage them in our worship services. In fact, they regularly read Scripture lessons, sing, play bells or chimes, and even lead worship and preach. We truly believe that God has called us to be one and believe that children can learn from the wisdom of older members.

We are a very active community.  We have opportunities for Christian education and have many social activities, as well as opportunities to serve and be inspired.  It is not uncommon for our members to spend time together outside of church, going to the movies, eating at each other’s houses, or catching a bite to eat at a local restaurant.  The church also organizes trips to sporting events, tours of our local wineries, and family oriented game nights and movie nights.  We also have hands on opportunities to serve the poor, needy and disadvantaged. We operate a weekly Dollar Dinner, give away hundreds of toys to children, support local veterans, give away coats for the cold, support missionaries,  and consider and debate social justice issues in the community and world.

Our theology is more laid back and open than some larger evangelical churches, though we welcome theological diversity.  Our members actively consider many of the most contentious theological issues of the day and have a variety of viewpoints on these issues.  The general guiding principal is to be Christ-like and to engage each other in love.

This just may be the place for you to be! If you want additional information, please fee free to email me at reverendjim1967@hotmail.com.

In Christ,

Pastor Jim