January 1823: The church worshipped for the first time in a log building that was used as a school house. In attendance were at the worship service were 30 men and women, almost all of whom had moved to Lockport from other parts of New York or from New England.

May 13, 1823: The church was formally established and named “The First Presbyterian Society in the Village of Lockport” and shortly thereafter a house of worship was erected on Hawley Street, where the Niagara County Courthouse now stands.

1825: Reverend Aratus Kent was called as the first pastor of new congregation. He served in this capacity for two years.

1842: Reverend Dr. William D. Wisner was called as the pastor of the church and remained as the pastor for 34 years. He was a formidable preacher and was elected to the highest office in the Presbyterian Church the Moderator of the General Assembly.

1856: The present stone church was completed on Church Street in Lockport.

1882: The Reverend Maltbie Babcock was called to serve as the pastor. He was at that time the youngest pastor to ever serve the church. During his five year tenure as the pastor, he wrote the words to the hymn “This is My Father’s World.”