Our Pastor

Our Pastor and His Wife

Pastor Jim Hardy has been the pastor at First Presbyterian since January 2009.  He has served pastorates in Central New York, Buffalo, and on the staff of churches in New York City and Yonkers. He has also served as a mission volunteer in Alaska and China.  He has attended the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church as a Theological Advisory Delegate and as a Minister Delegate. He has served on a variety of Presbytery Committees, including the Camping Committee, Nominating Committee, and Committee on Ministry.  He is also an attorney, who practiced for many years as a specialist in religious corporation law and not-for-profit law.

He is married to Renee Hardy, who is a Deacon in the church and is very active in the church and teaches the Visually Impaired for Orleans-Niagara County BOCES, and has two children and two step children. He brings a passion for Jesus Christ to his preaching and a love of people, music, and the Lockport community to his ministry.