Paul wrote to his young disciple Timothy that followers of Jesus are to “good, to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share, thus storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life that really is a life.”

 A “life that really is a life” is a life in Christ. A life in Christ is a life that is spent doing deeds of goodness, being ready to share, and living generously.  These attributes create a foundation for the future.

In many ways, we take it for granted that our church will be there for us in times of celebration and sorrow.   We look at the strong foundation, the heavy stones that have endured for almost two centuries.  We convince ourselves that nothing can shatter an edifice that has nurtured generations of the faithful before us.

We must not become complacent! Hundreds of churches close their doors every year because people become apathetic to the needs of their faith communities.  Church leaders age and die and no one stands up to take their place. And yet people still want to be married or have their children baptized in a church that they no longer regularly attend.

Our church is at a cross roads.  We are still generally stable, but our future is no longer certain.  Therefore, your church needs you more than ever.  In order to continue the level of ministry that we have enjoyed in the past, we need members to respond with generosity to the stewardship call.  But we also need members to raise their hands when called to serve. We need members to answer the call of service by volunteering to be an officer or to serve on a committee or to volunteer to coordinate a coffee hour or serve as a liturgist or choir member.

We also need our members to attend worship regularly, to attend Adult Forum, to join a mission program, and to offer new ideas on how to make the church ministries and programs better. Members who care about the church can no longer sit on the side lines or be Monday morning quarterbacks. If we want our church to thrive, then we need to strive to be more faithful in our efforts to revitalize First Presbyterian Church!

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